GVK Metalforms prides itself on being a one-stop solution for all your sheet metal bending needs. We have a complete range of bending tools available with clamping for various CNC press brake manufacturers and all applications like air bending, coining, joggling, and hemming, etc. Our bending tools portfolio can be categorized as below:-

Standard Bending Tools For Press Brakes

GVK Metalforms is the only authorised distributor of Rolleri SPA (Italy) in India for the aftermarket. Rolleri® manufactures a wide variety of tools compatible for major press brake brands like AMADA®, TRUMPF®, BYSTRONIC®, DURMA® & ERMAKSAN®. All these tools consist of top punches and bottom dies, which are suitable for all types of clampings used on popular international brands of press brakes. These tools can even be modified to accommodate changes in radii as well as angles. Also, minor modifications can be done to achieve bending compatibility with your bending profile applications. These standard tools are available in standard lengths and standard segment sizes to achieve desired flexibility for standard 2D as well as box type bending

Press Brake Clamping Systems and Adaptors

Rolleri® produces a huge variety of press brake clamping systems mainly Universal/European style or Promecam®, Wila®, RFA®, LVD®. We can provide you with all types of clamping adaptors, both for top punches and bottom dies, to adapt from one type of clamping system to another. Rolleri® has also improvised on these clamps to make them more operator friendly and ergonomic. This also reduces your tool setup time and reduces operator fatigue. Automation is also available on these clampings making use of hydraulic or pneumatic power packs.

Thick Plate Bending For Hardox and Weldox

Recent developments in metallurgy has given us very strong steels, for specific applications, having high tensile strength and high elasticity modules. Use of these steels in fabrication results in higher wear and load resistance components. GVK can supply you tools to bend these special alloys as per manufacturer specifications. Recent developments in metallurgy has given us very strong steels, for specific applications, having high tensile strength and high elasticity modules. Use of these steels in fabrication results in higher wear and load resistance components. With special steel comes special bending conditions i.e. you have to have better flexibility in terms of radii on punches and variety of V openings to accommodate the different radii. So the answer to this huge variety of dies is VLM- your one die with variable V openings and its robust construction makes it strong enough to resist the wear and tear arising out of the above special alloy steels. Easy to set these dies save a lot of setup time as you do not have to remove and load the dies every time you change the V-opening. Dies Are modular in construction so spares are easily available and maintenance costs are cheap.

Mark Free Bending-Rolla-V

Gvk is the sole distributor of Rolla-V in India. The dies make the impossible possible by bringing folding to the press brakes. The use of these dies have lots of advantages like bending without marks, bending small flanges, no distortion or bulging in the cutouts near the bending line. The usage of these dies reduces the number of tools as one die can be used for multiple sheet thicknesses. These dies are available as standard with various clamping so that these can be used on different machines. Dies in segments are also available and parts prone to wear and tear can be easily replaced on these dies.

Special Application Bending Tools

Other than standard bending tools GVK can provide you special tools designed specifically to handle your complex bending profiles. These special tools are designed keeping in mind the machine specifications of the customer and optimum bend sequence. In such cases special care is taken for improving productivity and safety of the users. Our trained technical team will study your complex profiles and provide you with solutions so as to ensure proper accuracies and minimum cycle times.


Rolleri has introduced all types of tools for folding machines. Please send us all your enquiries and we will try our best to provide you the solutions.

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Machine Maintenance

GVK, though its associates, can provide complete solutions for troubleshooting on your CNC Press Brake and Shears. All kinds of spares for CNC controls, Linear scales, Hydraulics and mechanical assemblies and sub-assemblies are available. Our experienced service team can visit on short notice for repair and maintenance of your machines. GVK and its associates keep stock of all the important spares and even maintain an inventory of controls from Delem and ESA. Controls like DAC310s, DA52s, DA53T from Delem are available Ex-stock. Other controls like DA58T, DA66T & DA69T are available against orders. Team of experts are available to restore these controls to work seamlessly with your existing machines. Stocks of ESA controls like S630 and S640 are available off the shelf and can be shipped on the same day. Our team of experts and associates will guide you for complete installation and commissioning of these on your machines. Consultations can also be given on upgrading and restoring the software.

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