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Steel Metal Sheet cut by laser cutting machine ; spark light

Sheet Metal Fabrication in Pune | Top Sheet Metal Fabrication in Pune

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What is Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet metal fabrication is the process to restructure the metal into steel or aluminum flat pattern.

In simple words, sheet metal fabrication is a process to make a sheet metal body usable into various products in terms of requirement.

Sheet Metal Fabrication History

sheet metal fabrication in pune
Sheet Metal Fabrication in Pune

Records show us that the human population has been using the products of metal since a long period of time.

Events from 8700 BC evidenced the use of fabricated metal products. We have also discovered hammers which were made around 5000 BC and 4000 BC with the help of fire [as there were signs of heat].

It is actually an example of metal fabrication. We must not forget the first person to record the idea of sheet metal fabrication when it comes to the fabrication of metal parts as a sheet. The man behind this was Leonardo da Vincy.

Around in 1800, sheet metal fabrication was done with aluminum on its biggest use. Today, we have become more advanced with metal use.

There is no hyperbole if we say that metal has been based in our day to day life as an important element and this is true that global evolution cannot be imaging without metal.

Metals are used in various aspects of our lifestyle and contends with a number of shapes. Sheet Metal is one of the important types of metal structures.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Service Details

1. Sheet Metal Forming

Although metal products are finalized with sheet metal yet metal has to be converted into a sheet metal from the raw element found from any dig. ROMaterial is signified with the exact elements as the impure particles are rooted out from it.

After this, the metal is passed through the process of heat as to deform the metal into the willing structure.

Now, the metal is laid down on the rectangular patterns to give the metal or shape of shit and here, the pressure is put equally on the sheet with powerful rollers.

2. Shipping Sheet Metal into Another Plant

Once the sheet metal is created, it is shipped to another plant for further frameworks to make it usable.

3. Checking the Potential

After the shipping of the sheet metal body, it is supposed to structure that sheet into various patterns.

Also here, each and every point of that sheet is observed in terms of potential to make sure that it will not be dis structured in several time uses.

4. A Suitable Pattern

This is the actual part of fabrication as from here, Sheet Metal gets identifications.

In this phase, the metal body is given a structure of a suitable pattern according to product demand of use.

This step includes cutting, sawing, shearing, drilling, perforating, stretching, rolling, spinning, bending, ironing, stamping sanding, deburring, blanking and welding (various types).

5. Application of Heat

Basically, it is an optional step which depends on the product type. Metal workers do this if there is even a little need because heat is applied for the treatment of the metal body parts.

Hit me hard on or soft on the metal body and it is applied accordingly.

6. Combining Together

Various products are made individually with sheet metal but sometimes there are products which are supposed to include some parts distinguishably.

So, if there are metal parts which are for assembly, they are combined together before shipment.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Design

It is to be decided here by the manufacturers in terms of required product, required material characteristic, product purpose, product quantity request, a standard requirements and many more.

The design is created virtually or officially for the sheet metal. Here, the design (more probably pattern of the sheet metal or metal body for the final product) is done on the basis of shape, size, materials, complexity etc distinguishably.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Machinery Used

Sheet metal fabrication is a complex process which is done through various machineries. These machines perform their target either manually or with the guidance of a computer operated CNC machine.

The types of machinery used in sheet metal fabrication may include (CNC) controlled or manually.

It undergoes via punch and die machines, automated lines, price breaks and various tools such as drills and laser cutters. Let’s have a short description on these core types of machineries from CNC.

1. Punch and Die Machines

How does it feel to punch someone and that person literally dies? Not seems ethical but it’s quite ridiculous and amazing. Here, punch and die machines actually punch the metal sheet.

Firstly, metal workers put the metal sheet on the design pattern of the surface. The sheet is observed to be properly fit in the surface and now the machines come down and punch the metal.

How can metal die? Actually, the shape of the sheet metal is deformed so we can say that sheet metal’s previous shape is dead. So, yes it is punch and die.

2. Automated Lines

This machinery work is performed through robotic potentials rather than a human one.

The chances of error or quite zero here as the robotic potential is always counted to have a definite pattern of work. Big factories may show you the use of automated lines on a bigger scale.

3. Press Brakes

These are machineries to bend a metal part in any willing side. Totally press brakes are used to provide the metal body a particular angle and basically the shapes are done with the angle of C and V.

4. Drills

They are a kind of tools which are used to cut the metal body with rotating sharp rods. They are often used to create holes in the metal body.

One more thing is to remember that holes are created in the metal sheet with the help of drills and it is called the perforating process. Here drills are used to create particular and few holes on the sheet metal.

5. Laser Cutting Tools

This tool has laser rays. These beams are quite sharp and hazardous at the same time which make sure a high-quality and clean cut.

Variations and Similar Processes

Sheet metal fabrication includes all the processes which have been discussed in this note.

Apart from these machinery processes, there are some other but common and basic processes. We would also like to throw some light on them.

1. Bending

This process is useful for giving the sheet metal a particular angle. Here, sheet metal is put on some specific machineries and now it is given a shape of V or C.

V shape is given by hitting the very middle part of the metal body. Likewise, C shape is provided by bending the sides of the sheet metal. Yes, bending is the process which includes press brakes.

Also punch and die machines are used to provide some support for the bending process.

2. Seaming

Seeming is a process to combine the two or more metal sheets together.

3. Trimming

When we are done with our haircut via scissors, next step we do with the help of a trimmer to get more clarity in our hairstyle.

This is just a simple example to understand the mechanism of sheet metal fabrication trimming process. As per its name, in this step trimming is done to the sheet metal body.

Same process is done here with the sheet metal as well. When the metal is done with other processes, trimming is done to root out the extra parts from it. It makes the metal sheet more clear and perfect.

4. Notching

The sides of the sheet metal are done with some cutting to make notches on them. These notches are made to combine other sheet metals together.

5. Perforating

Perforating ended up with making holes on the sheet metal. Although perforating is done with drilling yet here a big amount of holes are made on the surface of the sheet metal in a certain pattern.

6. Embossing

Embossing is a process where the sheet metal gates particular shapes on it with the help of punch and die machinery.

How to Choose Best Sheet Metal Fabrication in Pune

When it comes to pick up the best of services in regards to sheet metal fabrication, we totally recommend to go through the list we have provided for the service providers.

There may be yet some other industries who you can choose as a sheet metal fabrication service provider.

If you are someone who is looking for sheet metal fabrication service providers and suppliers, these listed industries may be best of ever. The thing to consider here is that you should facilitate yourself as a curious performer.

Before going through any of the industries, make sure you have some specific questions, budget notification, concern and curious ideas.

The biggest thing to remember is that you have to maintain your concern according to your budget. Just make some notes on your specification and after that you can go ahead in looking for some sheet metal fabrication suppliers to serve yourself with the best of services.

At least consider 3 to 4 suppliers from the list and then move ahead according to your interest. Now you have to repeat the same process with each of the suppliers as you have to discuss your concern and service details and also your specifications with them.

This will give you an estimated idea of what you are supposed to choose and then you can move ahead with the one you pick as the best.

About Us : Sheet Metal Fabrication in Pune

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Our Company deals in sheet metal fabrication related machinery and tooling. Working with world renowned manufactures, our focus has always been to provide user friendly solutions for all your metal forming needs. We firmly believe in bringing innovative technologies for Indian sheet metal fabricators and helping our customers to compete in international markets in both quality and price.

Our sales and application team is always eager to help you in solving your problems. We thank you for supporting us and trusting us.

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