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What is Sheet Metal Parts Leveling ?

Stresses are created when metal is produced or cut. Metal is stressed in all thermal cutting techniques, from oxy fuel and plasma cutting to modern laser systems. As the part cools, the processes create a huge temperature gradient within it, causing stresses in the material and deformation at the edges. Even cool procedures such as punching and blanking with a press can relieve material stresses. As a result, the portion may not be completely flat.

Metal fabricators can benefit from part levelling to boost output and productivity. According to reports from metal fabricating companies that use a part levelling machine in their operations, they are around 25% more productive in their bending operations after levelling parts. The levelled sections flex up more precisely, requiring less rework and ensuring greater consistency. This results in parts that fit into simple jigs and have consistent gaps in the welding department. Welders are content. As a result, there are fewer rejects and more production.

What is the Purpose of Levelling Metal Sheets?

Unleveled sheets might lead to mistakes in degradation processes like bending. This may result in more rework and rejections. It takes a lot of time and effort to prepare unleveled material for welding.

When welding robots are used, materials such as these have a detrimental effect on system dependability and lengthen welding timeframes. As a result, higher process costs and increased heat stress on the material are incurred.

Internal strains in the material are created by the extreme heat, and the entire welding system deforms. As a result, there will be more rework, longer lead time, and unproductive workflows.

These issues can be avoided with the use of a leveller. The machine removes unevenness in the material by using the mechanical process of roller levelling.

Methods of Sheet Metal Leveling

Hammer and Flame

For lesser numbers or previously shaped part assemblies, levelling with a hammer or heat is preferable. When using this method, keep in mind that levelling with a hammer and flame takes a long time.

Straightening Press

Similar to the hammer technique, levelling sheet metal with a straightening press is another process that directly targets spots on the workpiece. The part is supported at two locations before being pressed flat with a big die. Before the portion is truly flat, this operation may need to be done several times.

Rolling Machine

The rolling machine is the most basic type of roller leveller. There are three offset rollers on it. The portion is bent as it passes through these rollers. This procedure is repeated until the portion or sheet has reached a satisfactory level of flatness.

Precision Levelers

Precision levellers are beneficial to sheet metal fabricators and service centres who need to level a large number of components or sheets in a short amount of time. Alternating bending operations make up the state-of-the-art precision leveller.

What are the Things You Should Keep in Mind When Choosing a Right Leveler?

When picking the right leveller, it’s critical to know exactly what the machine needs to do. Does the machine just need to accomplish a limited number of activities but must do so very well and efficiently?

Is it more important to be able to handle a wide range of parts and their needs, even if it means foregoing one or more machine features?

It’s also crucial that the sheet metal leveller possess particular characteristics. The block design of modern precision levellers, as well as the precise roller layout and support, as well as the number and diameter of the levelling rollers, are all required. The straightening range increases as the diameter of the rollers increases.

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