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Thick Turret Tools: The Ultimate Guide to Precision and Efficiency

GVK Metal Forms is a leading provider of high-quality thick turret tools for various sheet metal operations. With a wide range of tools available in different styles and shapes, GVK Metal Forms offers comprehensive solutions for the metalworking industry. In this article, we will explore the features and advantages of their thick turret tools.

Introduction to Thick Turret Tools

Thick turret tools are an essential component of sheet metal fabrication processes. They are used in turret punch presses to create various forms and shapes on metal sheets. These tools consist of punches, dies, and strippers, which work together to cut, pierce, and form the metal according to desired specifications.

Overview of GVK Metal Forms

GVK Metal Forms is a trusted name in the manufacturing and supply of thick turret tools. With years of experience and expertise, the company has established itself as a reliable partner for the metalworking industry. GVK Metal Forms is known for its commitment to quality, precision, and customer satisfaction.

Range of Tools Offered by GVK Metal Forms

GVK Metal Forms offers a diverse range of tools in A, B, C, D, and E stations. These stations refer to the size and type of tools that can be mounted on a turret punch press. The availability of different stations allows for versatility in operations and facilitates the use of specific tools for various applications.

Different Tool Styles

The tools provided by GVK Metal Forms come in various styles to meet different requirements. They offer quick adjust tools that enable easy setup and adjustment of tooling. Additionally, air blow tools are available, which aid in the removal of punched parts from the die. These different styles enhance the efficiency and productivity of the metal fabrication process.

Standard and Special Shapes

GVK Metal Forms supplies thick turret tools in both standard and special shapes. Standard shapes are widely used and readily available, while special shapes are customized according to specific customer requirements. The tools are carefully designed and manufactured to ensure accuracy, durability, and compatibility with different machines.

Grouping for Easy Classification

To facilitate easy selection and identification, the tools are grouped based on their shapes and applications. This classification system simplifies the tooling process and allows operators to quickly find the required tools for specific operations. It saves time and ensures that the right tool is used for the intended purpose.

Forming Tools for Sheet Metal Operations

In addition to the basic cutting and punching functions, GVK Metal Forms provides a wide range of forming tools for sheet metal operations. These tools enable the creation of various shapes and features on the metal surface, adding versatility to the fabrication process. Some commonly used forming tools include:


Louver tools are used to create ventilation slots or openings on metal sheets. They are commonly used in HVAC systems, electrical enclosures, and automotive applications. GVK Metal Forms offers louver tools in different sizes and configurations to suit specific design requirements.


Embossing tools are used to create raised or recessed designs on metal sheets. They add aesthetic appeal and functional properties to the fabricated components. GVK Metal Forms provides a range of embossing tools that cater to different patterns and depths.


Counter-sinking is a process of creating a conical recess on the surface of a metal sheet to accommodate screw heads or fasteners. GVK Metal Forms offers counter-sinking tools that ensure precise and consistent results, ensuring a secure fit for fastening applications.


Tap-extrusion tools are used to create threaded holes in metal sheets. They eliminate the need for separate tapping operations, saving time and reducing production costs. GVK Metal Forms supplies tap-extrusion tools in various thread sizes and types.


Knock-out tools are used to remove punched parts from the die after the punching process. They facilitate the smooth ejection of the finished components, preventing any damage or deformation. GVK Metal Forms provides knock-out tools that are designed for efficient and reliable part ejection.

Innovative Modifications for Ease of Use and Cost Reduction

GVK Metal Forms continuously strives to enhance the usability and cost-effectiveness of their thick turret tools. They have made innovative modifications to standard tooling styles, making them easier to use and reducing recurring costs. These modifications include improved tool designs, optimized materials, and advanced manufacturing techniques.

Additional Accessories

Apart from punches, dies, and strippers, GVK Metal Forms also offers various accessories to complement their thick turret tools. These accessories further enhance the performance and efficiency of the tooling system. Some of the additional accessories provided by GVK Metal Forms include:

Guide Assemblies

Guide assemblies ensure proper alignment and guidance of the punches during the punching process. They improve accuracy, minimize tool wear, and prevent any misalignment issues. GVK Metal Forms supplies guide assemblies that are compatible with their thick turret tools.


Shims are thin metal or plastic sheets used for precise adjustment of the tooling height. They help in achieving the desired thickness and accuracy in the fabrication process. GVK Metal Forms provides shims in various sizes and materials to accommodate different requirements.


Station-adaptors are used to mount different-sized tools on the turret punch press. They allow for flexibility in tool selection and enable the use of diverse tooling configurations. GVK Metal Forms offers station-adaptors that are compatible with their range of thick turret tools.

Alignment Tools

Alignment tools are essential for ensuring accurate and consistent positioning of the tools on the punch press. They assist in maintaining proper alignment during the tool setup and adjustment process. GVK Metal Forms provides alignment tools that aid in precise tool alignment, resulting in optimal performance.


GVK Metal Forms provides a comprehensive range of thick turret tools for sheet metal operations. Their tools, available in different stations, styles, and shapes, cater to diverse industry needs. With innovative modifications, these tools offer ease of use and cost-effective solutions. GVK Metal Forms also supplies additional accessories that complement their thick turret tools, ensuring efficient and precise metal fabrication processes.

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